On August 21, 2019, Best Workplaces for Commuters and the Association for Commuter Transportation sponsored a webinar in which three vanpool professionals shared information about vanpooling, including tips for growth and retention of passengers and drivers.

Vanpooling continues to fill an important niche to providing public transportation as it continues to be the fastest, most cost-effective and safest form of public transportation options available today.. According to the National Transit Database in 2017, vanpooling has the lowest cost per passenger mile of all public transportation modes. Over 13,000 vanpools are operated daily and experienced more than tripling of the number of unlinked passenger trips since 2002 to 2012. Nationally, this growth has stabilized over the past several years. This webinar featured three experienced vanpool professionals who provided tips for retaining as well as recruiting drivers and riders to growing their vanpool. They discussed how they see vanpooling reinventing itself going forward as new travel options serve the first/last mile of the trip and technology advances impact travel choices.

Lisa Smith, CommuteSmart, Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (download copy of presentation)
Peter Williamson, Employer Outreach Coordinator, San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (download copy of presentation)
Lisa Kay Schweyer, Program Manager, Carnegie Mellon University (download copy of presentation)

Phil Winters, TDM Director, Center for Urban Transportation Research

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