The City of Aspen has met the Standard of Excellence and is designated a Best Workplace for Commuters in recognition of the comprehensive Transportation Demand Management programs offered to employees and the community.     

 The City provides free transit passes and supports flexible work schedules and telecommuting for employees.   City employees are encouraged to use commute alternatives and are not provided with free parking.   Fleet bicycles and shower facilities are available at City Hall.

 The entire community benefits from Aspen’s free eight-route transit system which carries over 1-million passengers annually.  In addition, the CAR TO GO carshare program allows access to private vehicles, supporting a car-free lifestyle for employees and citizens while encouraging reduced vehicle ownership.  Paid parking has been implemented both as a commute disincentive and as a TDM funding mechanism.  Carpooling is encouraged through the provision of free parking permits for carpools of two or more adults.

 The results of a comprehensive program show traffic remaining at 1993 levels – a major goal of the City’s comprehensive plan.