The City of Asheville has met the Standard of Excellence and is named a Best Workplaces for Commuters.  The City of Asheville provides a transit pass benefit and a significant compressed work week program for employees.  They provide rideshare matching, preferred parking for carpools, emergency ride home, secure bicycle parking and amenities, and a bikesharing program. 

The City of Asheville also promotes TDM programs through the “Way to Go! Commuter Club.  Blue Ridge Commuter Connections, a Western North Carolina commuter assistance program that is co-sponsored by the City of Asheville and the North Carolina Department of Transportation, has designed the “Way to Go! Commuter Club. The purpose of the club is to help promote healthier lifestyles and alternative commutes for employers and employees in downtown Asheville that in turn helps reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Participants will be encouraged to walk or bicycle when taking lunch, breaks, or running errands. 

Commuters/employees who commute to downtown Asheville via bicycling, walking, transit, and car/vanpooling two or more days a week are eligible to register to receive a Commuter Club card and also win prizes. Discounts may be offered at participating downtown businesses.