Being able to work–and manage–from anywhere, anytime requires essential skills, the right technology, focused flexibility, exceptional planning, and excellent communication skills. Without proper preparation, planning and skills, working away from your team could leave you isolated, out of touch with your team, at odds with your manager, and, well, left out. It doesn’t have to go like that.

In partnership with, Best Workplaces for Commuters is pleased to offer a five-part Teleworker Certification Series to help managers and teleworkers stand out in a crowded digital workplace. Certification shows that you are trained to stay organized, to accomplish more, to work more efficiently, to communicate better, to perform as a team contributor, and that teleworkers know how to remain “visible” while away. Teleworkers will also learn to set up the ideal home office, how to better balance their work and family life, and how to recognize the telework pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

Managers of teleworkers will learn how to manage a high-performing, productive distributed team in today’s highly mobile work environment. Managers will be provided with the skills, knowledge, tools, resources and best practices for managing a distributed team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What modules are included in the coursework?

• Managing a Distributed Team
• Working on a Distributed Team
• Mobility Best Practices
• Working in a Home Office
• Negotiations at a Distance

How will I receive my certificate upon completion?

Your certificate is provided to you electronically after you complete all the courses. You can print the certificate and frame, or post to your social media accounts.

One seat is available as part of membership to all approved Best Workplaces for Commuters members and partners, Best Sites, and Best Universities for Commuters. The seat may be used by the BWC Primary Contact or someone in the organization.

If I am not a BWC member or partner, can I still participate?

Access to a 30-day trial for two modules is available for non-members (limit one trial per employer). Non-members may also purchase seats in the program. Purchase is non-refundable. Contact Julie Bond, Program Director, to take advantage of this trial.