Employers across the country are discovering that working from home saves time and money while reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. Teleworking has also become a critical strategy for employers across the country to address emergency preparedness against natural disasters and acts of terrorism. Companies also employ teleworking to enhance worker productivity, improve morale, and cut costs associated with high office rents by assigning multiple workers to an office space.

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  • Telework Defined – Teleworkers or telecommuters work part-time or full-time, either from home or from smaller offices with communications access to the main workplace, but closer to the employee’s homes. The term does not apply to branch offices, or occupations in which there is no regular work location (e.g., truck drivers or airline pilots). The benefits of teleworking include reduced office space requirements, increased employee productivity, and a decreased use of sick leave. Many employers find that these benefits easily offset the cost of supplying teleworkers with the necessary hardware and supplies. As part of Best Workplaces for Commuters, employers that choose to offer teleworking must ensure at least a 6 percent participation rate, on average.
  • Telework Certificate – In partnership with e-work.com, Best Workplaces for Commuters is pleased to offer a five-part Teleworker Certification Series to help managers and teleworkers stand out in a crowded digital workplace. Certification shows that you are trained to stay organized, to accomplish more, to work more efficiently, to communicate better, to perform as a team contributor, and that teleworkers know how to remain “visible” while away. Teleworkers will also learn to set up the ideal home office, how to better balance their work and family life, and how to recognize the telework pitfalls and ways to avoid them.Managers of teleworkers will learn how to manage a high-performing, productive distributed team in today’s highly mobile work environment. Managers will be provided with the skills, knowledge, tools, resources and best practices for managing a distributed team.

Telework Consultants –

The following list provides links to various types of teleworking consultants. The brief descriptions were provided by each consultant. Please see DISCLAIMER OF ENDORSEMENT and DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY.

Full service telework/remote work/variable schedule consulting.

City of Fort Collins
We are working on developing updated policies on teleworking post-COVID.

Commute Seattle
Employer technical assistance, free one-on-one consultations, compliance inquiries, transit pass administration, and third party referral.

Commuter Services of Pennsylvania
Commuter Services helps employers create and implement telework programs as part of an overall Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategy. Resources provided include: program evaluation, policy development, existing policy review and enhancement, training for managers and employees and an assortment of cyber security recommendations. Employers based fully or partially in the following Pennsylvania counties are eligible for assistance: Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York.

Cushman Transportation Consulting, LLC
Consult directly with Maine employers regarding telework policies and programs, including as part of the development and implementation of voluntary and required Transportation Demand Management (drive alone trip reduction) plans. Also serve as a consultant to GO MAINE for special projects. GO MAINE is the statewide commuter assistance program that assists employers and employees with telework encouragement – in addition to carpooling, vanpooling, using transit, walking and bicycling. GO MAINE also offers an annual challenge for employers and ongoing rewards program for members.

Denver Regional Council of Governments
Our Way to Go team serves nine counties in our region. Commute Consultants help employers and individuals with alternative commute options. We have a Telework Tomorrow Campaign with a lot of great resources! Reach out to us for more information.

E-planning offers services directly to employers for developing, expanding implementing and evaluating formalized programs. E-planning also provides services to state, regional, or local programs that consider teleworking as a mode of transportation and choose to facilitate the implementation of programs for employers in their geographic area.
General programs and services include:
• Designing and implementing employer programs
• Working with internal steering committees composed of HR, IT, risk management, employee councils or unions (if needed) and others
• Developing policies and agreements
• Developing sample materials, case studies, videos and implementation kits
• Gaining commitment and leading culture change through in person or webinar based training sessions and workshops for managers and employees
• Expanding and improving existing programs
• Evaluating programs through surveys, focus groups and interviews

Global Workplace Analytics
Global Workplace Analytics is a research-based consulting firm dedicated to preparing employers for future of work. We have been helping organizations optimize work-from-home, telecommuting, and a wide range of other workplace strategies for people, planet, and profit outcomes for over a decade.

Telework consulting and implementation support.
Beth A. Heinen, Ph.D., a Director, Human Capital, with ICF, has more than 17 years of organizational research and management consulting experience. She has worked with clients such as the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), California Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Defense Office of Military Community and Family Policy, and National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). Dr. Heinen’s primary work activities include addressing workforce issues, such as workforce well-being, employee attitudes, recruitment and retention, job analysis and selection, telework, and workforce planning. Dr. Heinen has extensive experience developing and administering surveys and hiring/promotional tests, conducting interviews and focus groups, and analyzing data. Dr. Heinen has presented research at national conferences and published articles in scholarly journals and book chapters on these and other topics. Specific to telework, Dr. Heinen and her colleagues at ICF offer customized telework consulting, including telework policy implementation, telework training for employees and managers, telework program evaluation, telework webinars, and more. Dr. Heinen recently authored a white paper discussing telework in light of the COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.icf.com/insights/workforce/improve-distributable-workforce-through-formal-telework

JALA International
Design, planning, participant selection, training and evaluation of telework programs for medium to large organizations.

KFH Group, Inc
KFH provides technical assistance on commuter services including telework.

Mack Global LLC
Mack Global is a complete telework solutions provider offering consulting services on telework program implementation, expansion, and training. We help leaders make lasting, distinctive and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations by providing the strategic planning and training to empower employees to work remotely in the most effective way possible. We are trusted advisors for establishing successful telework programs and helping companies reap the benefits of remote work, including significant cost savings, increased productivity and employee retention.

Midtown Alliance
Midtown Transportation supports companies developing and implementing their telework and commuter policies and shares information about best practices for telecommuting. Our TMA provides one-on-one telework consulting only to employers in Midtown, Atlanta.

Move Minneapolis
Move Minneapolis consults with Minneapolis employers on remote work best practices. We have a quick start guide to remote work to help companies establish their program and review internal policies. More info here: http://moveminneapolis.org/green-transportation-minneapolis/work-remote/

We offer remote work services that support large business employees through our Smart Commute program and also help small and medium sized businesses develop long term, sustainable remote work strategies and implementation plans.

Rachel Smith Pty Ltd
Site Speicifc Advice
Telephone advice
Site audits
Travel survey co-ordination and analysis
Workshop facilitation
Travel Demand Management
Behaviour Change

RideShare Delaware
· Telework Program Evaluation
· Telework Integration (full or part-time)
· Telework Policies:
· Sample telework policies
Telework policy review
Telework policy creation
Technology Assessment
· Cyber Security Recommendations
· Telework Trainings/Webinars

Sacramento TMA
Preparing your organization to work remotely can be confusing. From questions on financial software, to how you should set up file sharing and how best to communicate with your team, moving to a remote work environment requires a lot of considerations.
We’re here to help you navigate those challenges and answer your questions. The Sacramento TMA has a library of knowledge, information and examples of successful telework programs. As a resource, the TMA helps employers identify the positions and employee characteristics that are most suitable for teleworking, understand federal employment regulations on teleworking, and implement a plan to keep teleworkers engaged.

The Destination Sales and Marketing Group
The Destination Sales and Marketing Group offers customized telework consulting, presentations, and trainings. Consulting services include, but aren’t limited to, survey and analysis, policy review and development, as well as communications and promotion. Training includes gaining leadership buy-in, manager training, and employee engagement, or other customized training services. DS&MG can also develop a telework incentive for organizations or municipalities to encourage the adoption or use of telework.

The Partnership Transportation Management Association
The PTMA provides practical and inspiring recommendations on planning and implementing your telecommuting program. Suggestions include guidelines and motivational techniques in order to keep your employees working at a high level. The PTMA provides services in northern and eastern Montgomery County.

The Rideshare Company
Rideshare’s easy commute program is an all-inclusive, customizable commuter benefits and incentive program that includes a telecommute tracking tool, metrics and environmental statistics. Rideshare also provides consulting on all commute modes and marketing services. The only fully managed commuter benefits program on the market, easy commute takes the hassle out of setting up and maintaining a company-wide carpooling initiative.

The Telework Coalition
Assistance in the development of new or refinement of existing Telework programs.

TMA Bucks
TMA Bucks is a private, 501 (c) 4 non-profit organization that provides leadership and advocacy for transportation management services and solutions that impact Bucks County. We provide telework assistance to employers in Bucks County, PA.

Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
How to Start and do’s and don’t.

UrbanTrans North America
Telework evaluation and assessment, policy development, marketing materials, and communications strategies.

Valley Metro
Commute Solutions group of Valley Metro is happy to assist Valley of the Sun (AZ) employers with telework guidance and information. We offer assistance with establishing a program, policy guidelines, Best Practices, and more. Contact us for assistance if your business is located in Maricopa County of Arizona.

Professional consulting on remote work policies and program management, including management practices, employee engagement, technology platforms, virtual meeting support, and tracking KPIs.

VirtualWorks! offers training, consulting, and coaching with specialties in virtual work issues, including telecommuting, virtual teams, leading from a distance, and work-life balance in the digital age. Founded in 1995 by Debra A. Dinnocenzo, author of numerous books on telework and virtual leadership and a nationally recognized expert on telecommuting and remote leadership. Services offered throughout the USA and globally, with on-site or virtual delivery capability.

Woodruff Company Engineered Solutions, Inc.
WCES provides a full range of services and technical assistance throughout the country to meet an employer’s need to formalize an existing or establish a new telework program. Key staff have completed the FDOT/ CUTR Best Workplaces for Commuters Telework Certificate. Services include: conducting initial needs assessment and manager and employee surveys, calculating initial employee commute modal split as a baseline, determining telework policies and procedures, and training needs, preparing internal employer communications. In addition, WCES provides both manager and employee telework training to ensure success and provides regular technical assistance and communications to overcome any challenges. WCES also conducts periodical telework surveys to calculate reduced trip reductions and corresponding results. Lastly, WCES works to secure employer recognition for telework program leadership.


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