Assessing and reporting on your commuter benefits program is an ideal means for you as one of the Best Workplaces for CommutersSM to track the success of your program, gain recognition for your accomplishments and demonstrate your commitment to offering an outstanding package of commuter benefits.

The information you collect can help you manage your commuter benefits program more effectively by helping you measure changes in employee travel patterns over time and increasing your understanding of the benefits that are most important to employees.

Surveying is not the only way to gather data on people’s activities, and before conducting a survey it is worth asking if there is another, easier way to get the desired information. In general, surveying is the best way to get comprehensive, reliable data on how employees get to work, and why they get to work the ways they do.

Conducting an employee survey before you initiate your commuter benefits program can provide a useful baseline which you can use to benchmark the success of your program after a period of time has passed. This baseline survey can also provide you with an opportunity to identify commuter benefits that employees at your worksite are most likely to use and thus would make for a more cost effective approach to providing your commuter benefits.

We recommend that you perform a baseline employee survey prior to initiating your commuter benefits program and then annually to measure the success of your program in getting employees to work by means other than driving alone.

Use this section to learn how to survey employees on their commute modes: