Quality of Life Benefits: Access to Subsidized Commuting for Civilian Workers 2014 to 2018

Each year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) publishes the National Compensation Survey that includes estimates of workers who have access to subsidized commuting benefits.  “Subsidized commuting” is defined by BLS as providing full or partial payment for the cost of an employee’s commute to work via public transportation, a company sponsored van pool, discount subway fares, or bus tokens. Use of a company car does not qualify as subsidized commuting.”

BLS data excludes employees who have access to subsidized parking.  Based on the definition of subsidized commuting employees who use pre-tax income to purchase transit or vanpool fares are also excluded from these estimates.

The actual share of workers who take advantage of the benefit of employer-provided subsidized transit and vanpool fares is not collected by BLS.

This document lists the estimated share and margin of error for civilian workers by various characteristics with access to subsidized commuting from 2014 to 2018.  For each characteristic and year, we indicate if that the estimate was significantly different (at a 90% confidence level) than the estimate from 2018.

This data may help you:

  • Track trends in “subsidized commuting” over time.
  • Identify the share of workers by worker characteristics who have access to subsidized commuting benefits.
  • Identify the share of workers by establishment characteristics such as size of employer who have access to subsidized commuting benefits.
  • Provide data for marketing, planning and employer outreach efforts related to promoting qualified transportation fringe benefits.

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