Step 6: Marketing Tips

For programs that are up and running, be sure to spread the word! Your employees will be excited to learn about the service, and your organization deserves public recognition for its efforts to reduce commuting-related pollution, congestion, and stress.

Internal Marketing

Spreading the word about your ERH program to commuters is important. The more commuters know about the ERH program, the more likely they will experiment with a new commute option. And for those already taking transit, carpooling, or vanpooling, the more reassured they will be with that choice.

Since most commuters will seldom need to use the service, regular program announcements and bulletins will help remind commuters that it exists. Here are some resources to help you spread the word about your program to your employees.

Template for a Newsletter or Email Announcement of a New ERH Program

  Newsletter or Email Announcment Template
(MS Word document)

Sample Poster

  Get Home on Us (Walnut, California)
(PDF of Poster)

External Marketing

Your employees live and commute in your local community. When you offer emergency rides home, you are also helping your community by supporting commuting options that generate less congestion and pollution.

Press releases and media outreach about your ERH program are great ways to demonstrate your organization’s leadership in helping to protect the local quality of life. Letting others know about your service could also encourage other employers to follow your lead and offer emergency rides home.

Template for a Press Release

  Press Release Template
(MS Word document)

Sample Press Releases

  Mid-Valley Rideshare (Salem, Oregon)