Commuter Benefit Briefs provide a comprehensive summary of each commuter benefit. The briefs are written in an easy to follow question-and-answer format and cover a range of issues, such as implementation, costs, and available resources.

  • Carpool Incentive Programs (388K PDF) – This briefing paper can be used as a step-by-step “how to” guide by employers establishing carpool incentive programs. It presents the benefits of these programs, describes when such programs make sense, and outlines implementation issues and costs.
  • Commuter Tax Benefits This comprehensive briefing paper that describes the qualified transportation fringe benefits covered under a tax-free and pretax provision of the federal tax code (Section 132f). Relevant portions of the tax code are included with translations of code particulars for non-technical readers.  You can find more detail on the qualified transportation fringe benefits in our Knowledge Base, too.
  • Marketing Commuter Benefits to Employees (582K PDF) – Marketing a commuter benefits program to employees is an important and continuous part of a successful commuter benefits program. This briefing paper discusses marketing strategies and messages, including suggestions for program implementation and launch, ongoing marketing, and measuring employee awareness.
  • Parking Cash Out (312K PDF) – This briefing paper discusses the tax and other benefits of parking cash-out programs and helps employers identify when they make sense. It also includes an implementation guide and case studies.
  • Telework Programs (691K PDF) – This briefing paper explores the benefits of teleworking, as well the implementation issues and costs. It arms employers with the information needed to create an effective telework program through an implementation guide, answers to frequently asked questions, and case studies.
  • Transit and Vanpool Benefits (3.4MB PDF) – This briefing paper clarifies which transportation fringe benefits qualify for Best Workplaces for CommutersSM. It summarizes the employer, employee, and tax benefits of commuter choice programs. The briefing also includes a “Guide to Implementation” and case studies for employers.
  • Vanpool Programs (1.07MB PDF) – This briefing document explores the benefits of vanpool programs and provides guidance on when and how to implement them. It provides answers to frequently asked questions and case studies for employers.