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About the Telework Certificate Program

In partnership with, Best Workplaces for Commuters is pleased to offer a five-part Teleworker Certification Series to help managers and teleworkers stand out in a crowded digital workplace. Certification shows that you are trained to stay organized, to accomplish more, to work more efficiently, to communicate better, to perform as a team contributor, and that teleworkers know how to remain “visible” while away.

One seat is available for FREE as part of membership to all approved Best Workplaces for Commuters members and partners, Best Sites, and Best Universities for Commuters in good standing. The seat may be used by the BWC Primary Contact or someone else in the organization who would benefit from learning more about implementing a telework program with employees, such as the Human Resources Manager, Operations Manager or Vice President for Operations. Register to receive the login information for the online certificate program.

Access to the Telework Certificate is not limited to Best Workplaces for Commuters. You can get access to the trial versions of Managing a Distributed Team and Working on a Distributed Team modules for a 30-day period. Contact Julie Bond, Program Director, to take advantage of this trial.

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Education modules

Best Workplaces for Commuters is pleased to partner with to offer a Telework Certificate consisting of five modules:

1. Managing a Distributed TeamGood managers become highly effective teachers, coaches, and leaders of remote teams by:
• Accepting and adopting a mobile workplace vision
• Driving workplace mobility plans and enthusiasm
• Leading high-performance mobile work team results
• Bringing team communication & collaboration to a new level
2. Working on a Distributed TeamLearn to become a highly effective, accountable, productive teleworking team member by:
• Mastering mobile workplace skills and technology
• Relating, contributing and thriving in the mobile workplace
• Upskilling your communication and collaboration
• Becoming an accountable, reliable team contributor
3. Mobility Best PracticesAcquire the skills, tools and tips you need to successfully work anywhere any time by:
• Staying connected, organized, efficient and effective
• Managing connectivity and information flow
• Adopting information security best practices
• Preventing stress and overwork
4. Working in a Home OfficeMaximize your work-at-home time essential knowledge, tips, tools and guidelines such as:
• Considerations for determining home office needs
• The ideal office layout, equipment and work items
• Maximizing technology & IT security best practices
• Maintaining a healthy, safe, and secure home office
5. Negotiations at a DistanceNegotiation skills improve your communication competency, increasing your potential by:
• Enhancing all your interactions and relationships
• Resolving conflict by finding the win-win
• Achieving rapport, improved communication and trust
• Using negotiation to help enhance team results