The TMA Group, located in Franklin, TN has met the Standard of Excellence and is designated a Best Workplace for Commuters. The TMA Group is a regional leader in customizing environmentally friendly, multimodal transportation solutions for employers and communities. The TMA Group operates and manages several sustainable programs including: 1) Regional vanpool program, in partnership with RTA, serving nine Middle Tennessee Counties, serving over 900 daily commuters. Currently 77 vans are in the active fleet, with 20% expansion expected; 2) Franklin Transit System, a small urban transit system consisting of fixed routes in addition to transportation on demand services, serving the City of Franklin, Tennessee under contract with the Franklin Transit Authority; 3) Clean Air Partnership program, an environmental awareness and education outreach program established by The TMA Group in partnership with Williamson County. The program is now regional with over 130 partners reaching 17,000 employees. The Clean Air Partnership produces a monthly educational cable television show: “Air Care”, that is also seen on the world-wide web; 4) TMA’s TDM Research and Strategies program is dedicated to the planning and implementation of information about innovative sustainable management solutions to transportation issues.