Stanford University has met the Standard of Excellence and is named a Best Workplace for Commuters.  Stanford University provides train or bus passes for eligible employees.  They also offer vanpool benefits, bicycle parking, showers, and lockers, an employee commuting awards program, discounts for bicyclists and walkers, lunchtime shuttle, bikesharing, Clean Air Cash incentives and an incentive for employees who leave their cars home.  They actively promote and participate in healthy initiatives to encourage and increase employee waling and bicycling.

Stanford University’s transportation services and programs are recognized as one of the most effective university programs in the country.The Commute Club was establised in 2002.  To join the Commute Club, Stanford commuters agree not to drive along to campus and they give up their parking permit (or exchange it for a carpool permit.)  The benefits are many, including up to $282 in Clean Air Cash or Carpool Credit per year offered by Stanford University.  Current Commute Club members are able to refer new members and receive a $50 referral bonus.  Over the last seven years, other program elements were developed to help alternative transportation users maintain mobility options when not bringing a car to campus.

For more information visit Stanford University  parking and transportation services.