Pfizer, Inc.  – GreenWheels has met the Standard of Excellence and is designated a Best Workplaces for Commuters.  GreenWheels, the commuter assistance program, is dedicated to Pfizer’s sustainability mission to improve the environment. The following Pfizer, Inc. locations are listed:  Collegeville and Great Valley, PA; Madison and Princeton, NJ, Pearl River, NY; Research Triangle Park and Sanford, NC; Richmond, VA, Cambridge and Andover, MA.

The GreenWheels program offers options for employees to contribute toward Pfizer’s mission by participating in some form of ridesharing or commute mode ( i.e. carpool, vanpool, mass transit, biking or walking). Each of these alternative modes of transportation reduces the number of vehicles on our roadways, lowers the carbon footprint, and lessens the stress of commuting while cutting commute costs.

 In addition to maintaining a rideshare data base, GreenWheels produces several events and maintains relationships with local and state transportation organizations.  Over the past several years, Greenwheels has gained recognition for its efforts from the federal government, from CleanAir NY, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council and the New Jersey Department of Transportation, among others.