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CALIBRE – Washington DC Metro Area

CALIBRE has met the Standard of Excellence and is designated a Best Workplaces for Commuters for locations in the Washington DC metro area. 

In an effort to increase employee use of public transportation, reduce traffic congestion, optimize parking space usage at CALIBRE facilities, and reduce the impact of commuting on the environment, CALIBRE offers employees flexible schedules, tax-free transit vouchers and transit subsidies, and parking cashout.  CALIBRE employees also work from virtual offices around the country.

CALIBRE is an employee-owned management and technology services company that supports government and industry with management analysis, technology solutions, and program support.

 Fairfax County Department of Transportation

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Best Workplaces for Commuters
c/o Center for Urban Transportation Research
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Ave., CUT100
Tampa, FL 33620
Julie Bond
Project Manager