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Sponsored by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Transportation


Best Workplaces for Commuters would like to thank the following organizations for their invaluable help and support in the creation of this toolkit:

Artery Business Committee TMA;
Campus Area TMA;
City of Salem, Oregon;
City of Santa Rosa, California;
Commute Connection Program, San Joaquin Council of Governments;
Denver Regional Council of Governments;
Keep Middlesex Moving;
Hunterdon Area Rural Transit;
Get Home on Us;
Glendale Transportation Management Association;
King County Metro Transit;
Mid-Valley Rideshare;
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission;
Rideshare Deleware;
RideShare Program, Pima Association of Governments;
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments;
The Rideshare Company;
TransAction Associates;
Transportation Management Group;
U.S. EPA, Research Triangle Park;
Urban Transportation Center, University of Illinois Chicago;
Washington State Agency Commute Trip Reduction Program; and all the other organizations and individuals who helped with the creation of this toolkit.






Kit Steps

  1. Find Funding

  2. Establish Guidelines

  3. Create Systems to Provide Rides

  4. Register and Educate Partners and Commuters

  5. Manage Effectively and Effortlessly

  6. Marketing Tips

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