By offering a variety of unique commuter benefits, you can increase participation in your commuter program. Offering diverse options can also help you reach commuters that don’t have access to mass transit, vanpools, or other commute options.

Examples of Innovative Commuter Benefits
Information on Commuter Benefits

Examples of Innovative Commuter Benefits:

  • Subsidies for bicycles and/or shoes. Offer gift certificates to local bike shops or shoe stores to employees who ride or walk to work.
  • Extensive teleworking support. Make laptops and necessary software available for long-term loan to enable employees to work from home.
  • Flexible commuting passes. Don’t stop at providing subway passes—subsidize employees’ purchases of bus and rail passes, too.
  • Free lunchtime shuttles to restaurant areas. Enable employees to get to local restaurants without getting in their cars.
  • Membership in a carsharing program. Provide employees with access to a shared car for in-town business meetings, personal errands, and emergencies.

Information on Commuter Benefits

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