Best Workplaces for Commuters Champions

The Champion network is a forum for individuals interested in collaborating with Best Workplaces for Commuters. A Champion works to support Best Workplaces for Commuters employers and participates in the Race to Excellence. Oftentimes, a Champion may be an employee of a Best Workplaces for Commuters designated employer, but this is not required.

After you join, you’ll also be listed on our website as one of the growing number of Best Workplaces for Commuters supporters.

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Champion Network, 2009

Alphabetized by Last Name of Champion


  • Sharon Adams, HATMA, Atlanta, GA
  • Sarah Anderson, Regional Air Quality Council, Denver, CO
  • Debbie Anderson, Community Transit, WA


  • K. Buchanan, The Goodman Corp.,  Houston, TX
  • Julie Bond, Center for Urban Transportation Research, FL
  • Sarah Brecher, Montgomery County MD


  • Glama Carter, Collier County, FL
  • Cathy Crowe, UC Santa Cruz, CA


  • Mike Davis, University of California Irvine, CA
  • Diane Davidson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN
  • Devon Deming, Los Angeles World Airports, CA
  • Kirsten Dolan
  • Wendy Duren, Arlington Transportation Partners, VA


  • Denis Eirikis, Clear Light Communications Inc., FL
  • Chris Eatough, BikeArlington, VA


  • Theresa Fanelle, Metropool, NY & CT
  • Ronald Fleming, University of California, Irvine, CA
  • Tammy Ford, RideShare Delaware, DE
  • Aaron Fowler, Georgia Tech, GA


  • John Galgano, CommuterLink, NY
  • Michael Gange, Fort Worth Government, TX
  • Nevine Georggi, Center for Urban Transportation Research, FL
  • Jaime Gleason, California Bank and Trust, CA
  • Dorothy Gordon, State Personnel Administration, Atlanta, GA
  • Jean Ghianuly, Aerospace, CA


  • Lisa Horanyi, Thomas Jefferson PDC, VA
  • Jeff Horton, Commuter Services of North Florida, FL
  • Rigo Hurtado, Sutter Health


  • Jennifer Iley, Center for Urban Transportation Research, FL


  • Tim Kelly, Transpartners, Arlington, VA
  • Karen Kress, Tampa Downtown Partnership, FL


  • Mark Langdon, CARTUS, CT
  • Tim Lewis, Metropool, NY & CT
  • Kimberley Linsley
  • Roddy Louie, PARC, CA
  • Stephanie Loyka-Minker, Triangle Transit, NC
  • John Lyons, Metropool, NY & CT


  • Michelle McDermot, Mayo Clinic
  • Marci McGuire, Bishop Ranch, San Ramon, CA
  • Cathleen McIntyre, VPSI, Inc.
  • Heather McCarey, Lloyd TMA, Portland, OR
  • CJ McLaughlin, TransVironmental Solutions, Inc., Brea, CA
  • Jo Morgan, City of Corvallis, Oregon
  • Nicholas Miller, HATMA, Atlanta, GA


  • Ellen Orleans, City of Boulder, CO


  • Lauren Peak, GVF Transportation, PA
  • Carol Perry, RTC, WA
  • Brooke Geer Person, Glendale TMA, CA


  • Jay Retkevicz, Accor Services USA
  • Tami Herendeen Rice, Metropool, NY & CT


  • Kathy Santoro, BioEngineering, MA
  • Peggy Schwartz, North Bethesda Transportation, MD
  • Kathy Shingleton, University of Texas Medical Branch, TX
  • Elham Shirazi, e-planning, CA
  • Kathy Smith, A.J. Dwoskin & Associates Inc.
  • Tracy Smith, point2point Solutions, OR
  • Anne Simpson, Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, CA
  • Miriam Sorrell, Rideshare 511, CA
  • Timothy Stafford, Mayo Clinic
  • Dana Stanzel, Commuter Club, GA
  • Amanda Stewart, California Bank and Trust, CA


  • Florinda Teixerira, Metropool, NY & CT
  • Lydia Thornton, Rideshare 511, CA


  • Abigail Williams, AZDOA, AZ
  • Phil Winters, Center for Urban Transportation Research, FL
  • Robert Wong, UCSF, CA
  • Mark Wright, Mark Wright Communications, LLC, Rockville, MD

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