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Sponsored by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Transportation

The FlatIron Shopping District—
Westcor/FlatIron Crossing, Coalton Acres/ Mainstreet at FlatIron, Broomfield Village/Flatiron Marketplace

FlatIron Shopping District

Broomfield, Colorado

"FlatIron Shopping District is proud to share a unique distinction with the Lloyd District TMA in Portland as one of only two business districts in the country where developers, instead of individual employers, have stepped up to the plate to offer commuter benefits as a way to mitigate traffic congestion
while ensuring access to shopping and services."

— Joanne Greek, Executive Director, FlatIron Improvement District

FlatIron Crossing and Main Street at FlatIron logos
Flatiron Marketplace logo

Employees and shoppers can zip around three different retail venues in Broomfield thanks to an innovative partnership between the city, three retail developers, and the FlatIron Improvement District. To date, each of the three developers has been designated as Best Workplaces for CommutersSM, and FlatIron Improvement District is working to sign up the individual businesses to the program as well.

FlatIron's most unusual benefit is the Zip Shuttle, a special propane-powered coach that runs a two-way route around the shopping district. The shuttle, which first began running in August 2001, connects more than 250 shops, restaurants, and services within FlatIron Crossing, Flatiron Marketplace, and Mainstreet at FlatIron. Six shuttles operate seven days a week and each shuttle can transport up to 36 people at a time. The shuttles stop at 14 points along the route, including a stop at a regional transit transfer center.

The shuttle is a free service funded by a district-wide sales tax, federal grants, and the City and County of Broomfield. The sales tax and grants also fund an Eco Pass program for all District employees. The Eco Pass, a product of Denver's Regional Transportation District Exit Web site, is free to employees and allows unlimited rides on regional transit such as buses and light rail. To date, 19 percent of the District's nearly 4,000 employees use the Eco Pass as part of their daily commute.

Broomfield Logo

The Zip Shuttle travels a 2.6 mile pathway that is also reserved for use by bikers and walkers. In addition, FlatIron Crossing houses a special store-front Eco Pass office where employees and shoppers can get information about the shuttle, regional transit, ridesharing, and other alternative transportation options.

For more information about the Zip Shuttle and the FlatIron Shopping District, visit Exit Web site





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