Space Coast Area Transit
is the transportation provider for Brevard County with offices in Cocoa and Melbourne, Florida. Carmen Baez, the Customer Service Supervisor, is responsible for the commuter benefits program. Space Coast Area Transit encourages ridesharing both internally and externally.

Internally, a monthly employee marketing meeting highlights workplace commuter benefits. Twice per year, drivers have the opportunity to sign up to participate in compressed workweek. Externally, ridesharing is promoted through TV, print and social media, the website, and all transit maps, schedules and brochures. Annually, Space Coast area Transit co-sponsors a January event called “Resolve to ReThink Your Commute” in conjunction with the District 5 FDOT Commuter Assistance program, reThink. In 2014, over 6,600 residents took the challenge!

Out of 105 employees, 70 are eligible for commuter benefits. Over 25% of employee commute trips are eliminated by a compressed workweek program. We are active members in the Viera TMA, offer ridesharing and carpool matching in-house, provide parking at Park & Ride Lots, reserve preferred on-site parking for carpools and vanpools and offer secure bicycle parking, showers and lockers. A bus stop is located at the Cocoa terminal. Our employees have access to the Emergency Ride Home Program through the organization reThink.

Participation in the commuter assistance program starts at the top with Space Coast Area Transit Director Jim Liesenfelt who “walks the walk” by carpooling to work with other employees. “For me, the big benefit is saving mileage on our second family car. Once I realized how much money I was saving, I wanted our employees to have the opportunity to experience this tremendous benefit as well,” stated Liesenfelt.